Mea Culpa

[Post New]by WolfenRaindancer on Feb 18, 11 11:25 PM
Just have to say that I did enjoy this game on my home pc...and I only played the 30 minutes of the demo and bought it with a credit. Didn't have a bit of trouble seeing the items I needed to find, even on the STDs. But since I was going to my daughter's for the weekend, I figured I would finish playing it on my laptop, after they all went to bed. I am the night owl, lol. But I hate this game on my laptop. I can't even find the things I found without any difficulty on the larger screen. Even if I think I remember, kinda, where they were, I still can't see them. So I struggled through the first couple of hog scenes...and I gave up. I will play and enjoy this game when I get back home...but on this smaller screen, even though it has all the bells and whistles...forget it. I would have rated this rubbish too, if I hadn't tried it on my larger screen at home. So, I think I will be a bit more understanding when someone says they can't see the things. Equipment does make a huge difference.


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[Post New]by WiccanWoman530 on Feb 19, 11 12:06 PM
I just responded in the other thread to you too.. lol yes as I was saying it sooo does!! I usually like games others hate because I bought my lappy for gaming..they all play like a dream. I have a huge nonwidescreen matte no glare and everything as upgraded as I could go.. my lappy won't be out of date for many years to come. It was but lucky for me my ex paid for it heehee. and I won't have to buy a new one every few years like I used to do buying the same cheap PCs I now warn others of.

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[Post New]by mcurty on Feb 19, 11 12:17 PM
You do have a good point, Wolfenraindancer, I am playing this game on a 24" WS monitor with the brightness/gamma in game mode and like it very much. There was another game last week where lots complained about the tiny dark objects and I had no trouble seeing them. On my old monitor they probably would have been harder to see also.

Do you have brightness controls on the lappy? Sometimes just adjusting brightness, contrast, or gamma can help bring things into clearer focus. Do players know that there are brightness controls on most monitors?


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[Post New]by WolfenRaindancer on Feb 20, 11 12:04 PM
I have the screen set for max brightness, and it is a fairly new laptop...I bought it this past July, at the same time I bought my pc after the first burglary. Most games play well on it and I have only found a couple where the items were too small due to the smaller screen size. And if I hadn't first tried this game on the larger screen at home, I may not have noticed it, lol. But I didn't have the problems on the large screen that I did with the smaller screen, so I did want to express my understanding of those who also had trouble.
It appears to be a 16 x 12, don't remember exact specs, so I am just kinda guessing.

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