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Royal Envoy Strategy

[Post New]by unclepaul on Feb 19, 11 9:04 AM
Failing to get finished in Gold time can be frustrating, but look at your resources and see where they are unbalanced.

1. You ran out of time and had plenty of gold and wood - you could hire more workers or tax collectors or both - they help to finish things faster.

2. You run out of time and you have plenty of Gold - Again you can hire more workers , tax colllectors or both.

3. Sawmills are the fastest way of getting wood if you have gold.

4.Workshops are the steadiest way of getting wood if you are short on gold and wood. Gold is useless to workshops

5. Markets are the fastest way of getting gold if you don't have lots of high priced homes. You need ready and consistent supplies of wood to run markets.

6. Banks help to increase gold quickly if you have lots of homes with high rents.

7. If you have plenty of gold at the start you need sawmills as all of the other buildings and homes need wood not gold.

8. If you have plenty of wood at the start you need workshops or markets or banks depending on the number of homes and what you have to do / build.

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Re:Royal Envoy Strategy

[Post New]by EHinSF on Dec 22, 11 2:28 AM
Thanks for the strategy tips...just bought the game and trying to get the Gold stars.

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