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Any Secret 2 level 9????

[Post New]by Lucy24u on Feb 19, 11 9:38 AM
I am getting gold every where in the first 11 but can;t get level 9

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Re:Any Secret 2 level 9????

[Post New]by Emmy142 on Feb 19, 11 12:24 PM
Build one house (and I had one person who wanted a dino ride, so let him have the dino ride). Collect gold from all above and the treasure chest.

Cut down 3 trees. Collect wood.

Build last house and farm.

Upgrade all houses at the same time, collect gold and give dino rides and feed them as they ask.

I only had one person in farm and one in sawmill. After the last cottage was upgraded, had the option of building bridge, do that, explore ship, and you are done.

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