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Loved the game, but..

[Post New]by cutepiku on Feb 21, 11 8:51 AM
Wayyy too easy to beat, I found. I had all but about.. 9 of the levels beat on Expert, and a quick second play of each of them fixed that.

Any other games similiar to this?

I've played My Kingdom for the Princess 1 & 2 (Adore this game!), and Royal Envoy. There may be others similiar, but I can't remember.

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Re:Loved the game, but..

[Post New]by cstdenis on Apr 3, 11 3:04 PM
Have you played The Timebuilders? It is an excellent game similar to Royal Envoy and very difficult.


Re:Loved the game, but..

[Post New]by tealady1 on Dec 9, 11 5:04 AM
Try Roads of Rome 1 2 & 3 its great and harder than Jack of all Tribes

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