cant get the puzzle

[Post New]by silentc_ on Feb 21, 11 4:52 PM
am doing the puzzle on charles door the walk though has two numbers i dont understand 21x1-12x1 and 4x3-17x2 does that mean to subtract? if so how do i do that please help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re:cant get the puzzle

[Post New]by Shevyron on Feb 21, 11 5:04 PM
glad you found the solution - i really think it would be impossible without it
the numbers mean
21x3 would mean click on square 21, and click 3 times in a row
4x2 would mean click on sqare 4, and click it 2 times in a row
1x2 means click square number 1, and click it twice

I needed to write out the numbered board (becuase there a couple of numbers not used) and then the sequence and ticked it off as i went through

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