roads of rome

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need help on level 27 HURRY, PLEASE!!!


Re:roads of rome

[Post New]by jemacaboo on Jun 8, 12 4:35 AM
Tasks: Get 3 crystals. Build a road. Collect 100 gold.
Start with: 7 food, 10 wood, 12 stone, 3 gold
Available to build: Level 4 camp, level 3 sawmill, level 2 farm, level 3 mine, level 2 quarry, level 2 warehouse, and 2 balloon towers
Bonuses: Magic sack, clock, boots
1. Upgrade camp to level 2
2. Chop wood and build sawmill
3. Chop wood, remove fallen tree, and build goldmine.
4. Pick berries and chop wood
5. Upgrade camp to level 3.
6. Keep chopping and use magic sack.
7. Upgrade mine.
8. Chop wood when you have the food
9. Build bridge to the farm and build farm
10. Build balloon tower and warehouse on the left.
11. Upgrade warehouse to level 2
12. Build bridge to the right and get those trees too
13. Go over to the storehouse and get trees there.
14. Build the balloon tower on the right and build the quarry.
15. Upgrade the mine to level 3.
16. After the first batch of stone is done, upgrade quarry to level 2.
17. Start building the road.
18. Upgrade farm to level 2.
19. Go inside the 2 caves to get gold in there.
20. Upgrade the camp to level 4.

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