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Game Problems

[Post New]by hambon on Feb 24, 11 12:27 PM

I enjoyed the concept of the Game Chronicles of Mystery the Scopion Ritual game.

With the exception of the following problems. First time I played it I got to out side the Vatican and the Game would not save. I unloaded it are reinstalled in in my system and proceeded to start over. The problems I found annoyed me and put a
damper on the excitement of the game. Old man on the bench had no voice. Voices faded in and out...music to loud even when I lowered it in options. Out side the vatican the cab driver was shoting lazer beams from his eyes and the conversation that Simon and the Cardinal had the Cardinal eyes and teeth were on the side of his head. What happed to quality control with this game? I a very good customer and expect to have a better quality with BFG's

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Re:Game Problems

[Post New]by Sergeij on Oct 2, 11 10:14 AM
Something is amiss! Whenever I go through PART I, I get EVERYTHING RIGHT, but when I get my scooter key straightened, it disappears from my inventory. It does this everytime I pay the shop keeper for fixing it. Can anyone help me?

I am: franz_liszt@comcast.net


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Re:Game Problems

[Post New]by Apadenska on Oct 17, 11 4:27 PM
I like the game too...however, there were two problems that I thought were wierd.

(1) The Cardinal's teeth were showing right through the side of his head when he was sitting in the large hall talking to Granc.

(2) The taxi cab driver had 2 strobes flashing around him when he talked. One was a dark wide stripe and the other was a lightening bolt near the front of his car. Odd...never saw this happen in any other game I've played.

And, no I wasn't drinking and it wasn't late !

Neither problem actually interfered with the flow of the game...it was more amusing than anything. There were some continuity problems, but I was so impressed with the animation I didn't care.

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