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level 33

[Post New]by Dottief on Feb 24, 11 3:06 PM
How do you get all the gold you need to win this level I get ever thing done but i can not get the gold i need to win

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Re:level 33

[Post New]by Slite on Feb 25, 11 10:26 PM
In the valley area in the middle of the screen, gold ore piles will appear during the game in reaction to certain triggers. To get enough gold, you need to trigger the appearance of all the piles and mine them.

The first piles appear every time you build a new hut. So you make more money by building new huts than improving the old ones. But you do have enough time to improve all the huts to three star level. Another pile appeared when I improved the cottage to three star level. And I think one more appeared after that but I'm not sure what triggered it. Basically, if you do everything you can in the game then the piles of ore will be triggered to appear. I think each ore pile can be mined for $2000 gold.

Every time you can send a villager for a bath, do so immediately. And every time you can send up fireworks do that immediately also -- increases your daily gold.

Did that help?


Re:level 33

[Post New]by halliecat99 on Dec 18, 12 6:10 AM
I think the last ore pile was triggered after all five bath wishes were fulfilled.

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