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Silly as it may seem, I'm having a problem with this game.

[Post New]by MoreOver on Dec 9, 08 10:10 PM
I bought the Platinum Edition at another site but I couldn't get it to import pictures so I contacted the developer. English wasn't the support techs native language and I had a difficult time explaining this to her. But she did tell me to install this version (Jigs@w 2) and gave me the registration key. Well that all worked fine and dandy but ...

With the Platinum edition I could modify the puzzles already in my game album but could not create new puzzles via import.

With the Jigs@w 2 version, I can import puzzles and make them as easy or difficult as I'd like BUT I cannot use any of the right-click options to modify the puzzles. This means that if a puzzle has been created by the developer to have 28 pieces, I cannot change it to XXX or scatter, place at edge, move to gallery or any of the other options it shows as available. I can move my mouse down the menu but none of the commands are executed.

I just installed the BF version and still have the same problem.

I rather like this puzzler because the pieces stick to the cursor and my left-click finger doesn't get crampy.

Is it just me or is it the game?


Re:Silly as it may seem, I'm having a problem with this game.

[Post New]by TonyP1 on Oct 13, 10 9:20 PM
Nothing silly about it. I have the same problems. The right click functions don't work (can't use the gallery or modify puzzles, etc.) I have no idea how to solve this. If anyone else knows, let's hear it.

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