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Glass handle and long-handled coffeepot

[Post New]by GeorgeTSLC on Feb 25, 11 9:33 PM
This game is obviously translated from some other language--I'd bet a little money, something written in the Cyrillic alphabet--and some of the labels are bizarre. Just for one example, what would be called a "windmill" by any speaker of American or British English, and probably most of the other varieties, is labeled a "mill". Which doesn't bother me all that much, especially since the displays help with that somewhat.

But why I'm posting here: Will anyone who recognizes them please tell me what the objects labeled "Glass handle" and "Long-handled coffeepot" actually are?

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Re:Glass handle and long-handled coffeepot

[Post New]by pegsjohnny2 on Oct 20, 14 9:12 PM
Glass handle coffeepot looks like a glass coffee pot.
Long handled coffeepot is a small container with a long black handle. It really looks more like a little creamer or a a type of gravy boat. Hope this helps.

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