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[Post New]by lucyloket on Feb 26, 11 4:50 AM
I know this is an old game but I stumbled across it on a social networking site and it intrigued me!
When I found the full version here, I was really pleased.
I love these kind of games. It's addictive in a similar way to Tetris - except you have to drag the cursor to link blocks of the same colour to 'explode' them in order for the water (?) to move forward to the end of the level.
What appears to be a simple, dull game is actually great fun and challenging - particularly the last couple of chapters.
Speaking of - there are 4 books to complete. Each has 4 chapters with 4 sub chapters to do. 1 sub chapter is a STD, but with a maximum of 6 differences to find so even if STD isn't your thing, this won't annoy you too much! That's a LOT of gameplay and took me well over 6 hours to do. I've started playing again to try and beat my score!
The fairy that 'guides' you is annoying - there's a thread discussing various nasty things other players would like to do to her ;D. If she could just shut up anbd go away, the game would be even better, but it's a small thing to complain about.
Give the game a go - especially if it comes up as a DD.

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[Post New]by bootsky on Jul 31, 11 1:21 PM
This was suggested to me yesterday because there is a sequel coming out!
I bought it this morning, I believe this is a little GEM that got overlooked at the time!

It is an M3 but it has a great story and very challenging levels. Although I have only unlocked two of the books just going onto the third Element book I am finding it very addictive, well I mean I gave Sacra Terra a miss to play this game! LOVE IT!


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[Post New]by lesleyvance501 on Aug 3, 11 12:12 AM
I never played the whole way through, but what I have played, I enjoyed.


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[Post New]by oneblondieone on Sep 13, 11 3:01 PM
I also LOVE this game. It has great graphics & a good story line. It is a Match 3 game that clears a path to enable an "energy flow" to reach an end goal. There are also hidden object and find the difference puzzles at the end of various levels. Very fun game play.

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