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[Post New]by LadyWyntre on Feb 26, 11 5:33 AM
I'm irritated.

First, I'm irritated about what other folks have mentioned: the abrupt non-ending. As has been said ad nauseum, many of us are upset because there was no warning.

Second, however, I'm irritated with people accusing us of merely QQing--of being whiners who are never happy.

I have rarely posted that I am displeased with a game, even if I didn't feel it was a good bargain or decent game.

I have never requested $$ back.

I think some posters are willfully disregarding the difference between this cliffhanger and the usual opening for a sequel. A cliffhanger is not the same as a sequel. I expect a game to tantalize me for the next game, whether that's through a CE bonus scene (i.e., the newest Dark Parables Collector's Edition).

I believe that there are some posters who are acting like bullies in other threads. The people who are upset about this ending are not attacking the people who aren't, but the reverse isn't true.

Here are some of the rude (in my opinion) comments:


"LOL Some peeps are just never happy." (followed by another with "You said it and I thought it.").

"For petes sake! There are a LOT of games that have "To Be Continued" at the end of them. This was well worth the cost. Seems to me some people just have to gripe about games no matter what... Get over it people! So it is to be continued...that's the way it goes."

"People always have to complain about something."

"Well, yes... you should have checked the walkthrough first.
"Fools rush in where angels fear to tread" comes to mind when I read some of the posts in the games forums... Nobody puts a gun to anybody´s head and insist they buy a game."

"As I've said before in another game forum that got unfairly attacked, some people would complain if you hanged them with a new rope."

"You will always hear complaints from people who could have downloaded the trial version but decided for some reason to buy the game and without checking out the game forum threads and reviews. What can you do?"

"DEMO the hour - make your mind up, you are not being forced to buy it!"

"If anyone of you who are complaining about the game ending abruptly had bothered reading the Comments and Reviews Forum before buying the game (I always do), you would have seen CasualGran's comment on Feb. 12: "EDIT after finishing the game: It has a sequel! So, you'll only be playing the first 4 episodes!" It really pays to read the posts!"

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[Post New]by LadyWyntre on Feb 26, 11 5:39 AM

So a few responses to these whiners about whining...

1) For the last time, playing the demo does not tell people that the storyline cuts off abruptly. And, at the risk of being rude myself, duh.

2) The forums have multiple purposes. One of those purposes is to give feedback to BF and the developers. Criticism serves a legitimate purpose here and is not merely QQing on the part of customers who will never be satisfied.

3) No, one should NOT have to check the walkthrough or the forums to know that a game is only part of a storyline. As detailed in several of the threads here, many of us do not want spoilers. Many of us do not post regularly, do not read regularly, and feel quite confident in our ability to play a demo and decide--shocker--whether or not we want the game without needing to read other opinions.

And, as to the original criticism...

4) Leaving the door open for a sequel is NOT the same as abruptly ending mid-story. You don't see folks over at the Dark Parables CE board complaining that there's going to be a sequel. Why? Because that storyline was wrapped up, even as a new one was teased. Same for the MCF series... same for that other vamp game we had this past year.


But let me seriously emphasize number two above. Disagreeing with a criticism is fine. Belittling people for disagreeing isn't. I can take it, but I know that it hurts some people's feelings, and that's not cool.

To sum... one isn't being a whiner for having a complaint about a game.

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[Post New]by Linde36 on Mar 6, 11 10:23 PM
Bravo to you for highlighting the people that rushed to attack those of us with a legitimate complaint. The rope comment was really awful, as was the "nobody held a gun to your head and forced you to buy it..." Wow. That kind of vitriol is what you get for stating that you prefer a game with a beginning, middle and end...and object to not being notified (at full price) that the story abruptly ended in the middle without warning?

Voicing a complaint about this is not equivalent to "attacking a game" or "attacking Big Fish" or being unreasonable or having "angst" or "not getting along" or being too stupid to read the forums first or "having some inner need to kvetch"... it is a reasonable complaint.

Perhaps we can agree to disagree without having to belittle those with opposing views. We aren't attacking politics or religion here folks! Peace out.

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