i stink at this game...

[Post New]by marinewifey0216 on Dec 10, 08 1:48 PM
it takes me around 2 hours to complete each level... i cant never seem to win each level b4 the green timer thingy runs out. . any suggestions on how to complete them any faster???any suggestions is helpful

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Re:i stink at this game...

[Post New]by 17players_ on Feb 10, 11 12:51 PM
It helped me to just do what they say when they say it. For instance, if they want milk one order and then radishes the next order I work on the radishes and postpone the milk until I have time. All I buy one sprinkler and move it around with my crane to different patches until I can afford to buy more. IT SAVES A LOT OF TIME NOT WATERING. I also try and have animals next to where their food is and building close to where I will use them. Sometimes I need to use the crane to move them to another location as the game progresses. I hope this helps.

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