[Post New]by sweeti28 on Feb 28, 11 11:28 AM
i bought the game "jack of all tribes" after playing 10 mins of the demo now the Game wont work.......all i get is game exe stopped working !!!!! how do i correct this?????
anyone know
all help greatly appreciated
trace x

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[Post New]by onelifesdream on Feb 28, 11 11:30 AM
Hi sweetie28 and welcome to the pond! If you contact Customer Support through the to the right, they will help you. Or if you are a game club member you can also contact them through live chat. Either way, the customer service is great here!

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[Post New]by bfgDonau on Feb 28, 11 11:52 AM
Welcome to the pond sweeti28!

onelifesdream is very right in that Customer Support will be more than happy to help get this issue sorted out.

I'm also going to move this thread over to the Jack of All Tribes Forum since the error is specific to the game. To find the Forum for any game, just click on All Game Forums at the top of this page, and type in the title for your game.

I'm going to lock this thread as well so that we can keep all technical issues together in the main technical issues thread for the game. In case you'd like to re-post in this thread, I'll include a link here:

Post any Jack of All Tribes technical issues here only

Hope this helps!


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