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Pictureka! - Museum Mayhem - Released on December 11, 2008

[Post New]by bfgFlounder on Dec 10, 08 4:24 PM
Someone has rearranged all the exhibits in the museum! Use your keen eye to restore order in this monumental Hidden Object game! Dinosaur bones have traveled through time to the Space Age exhibit, precious stones are holding court amongst the fossils, and some priceless artifacts are missing! Find all of the items listed in a category to clear cards. It's up to you to restore the museum before its reputation is ruined!

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Re:Pictureka! - Museum Mayhem - Released on December 11, 2008

[Post New]by djhanshew on Dec 11, 08 9:12 AM
Have you read the forums that say that we can't get this one to work after the download?????? Please help.


Re:Pictureka! - Museum Mayhem - Released on December 11, 2008

[Post New]by yv0103 on Dec 11, 08 12:27 PM
I can't get this game to work. I have downloaded it three times it will not let me play. Please fix it.I have never had any trouble before
with any of BF games.

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Re:Pictureka! - Museum Mayhem - Released on December 11, 2008

[Post New]by ecblisa on Dec 11, 08 2:06 PM
Strangely, I had no problem at all, even with a highly malware protected Vista OS. It downloaded fine and played well (the game did, I did not.) Sadly, it's too fast for me, I can't play such tightly timed games. Also, I thought it got a bit repetitive too quickly. Great for kids, though, I bet, if not for an arthritic elder. So, I didn't buy it, but I thought it might help if I mentioned that it downloaded and played well for me.


Re:Pictureka! - Museum Mayhem - Released on December 11, 2008

[Post New]by HawaiiGamer on Aug 30, 10 9:11 PM
I'm kind of picky about games, like only certain types and it has to be semi-easy, not semi-hard. So I played the demo and liked the quirkiness of it. But as another poster wrote, it gets tedious after a while. It's the same categories over and over, no new ones.Not that I counted them but it seems like there are only about 12-15 cards with the same requirements. The graphics remain the same, though every so many levels they will throw in a new item. Some don't make sense like, for noisy things, I would think a thunder storm (cloud with lightening) would qualify, but it doesn't. Some items are HUGE like 1/4 of the screen and others they are so fuzzy-ed out and tiny, that I really don't know what they are, so I just randomly click them and sometimes it's something on the card. There are many many levels, but again, you're just looking for the same items and after a while, the same items appear in certain places so I know where to look for it.

The graphics never change...the accompanying story is boring. I just click through it....same with each new 'exhibit'. I don't bother reading the captions any more. This has neat graphics on the main menu, but that's about it. It's the same basic colors over and over again. Blue, Red, Black and White. Nothing moves on the search screen.

The only cheat I can recommend is that, after clicking one item, wait for the new one to take it's place. Sometimes I've had 3-4 in a row for the items still outstanding.

Sometimes there are no items on the card, so either click the card closed or hope that a replacement item after clicking on one picture, will be the one you need.

Glasses, transportation (cars/trucks, spaceships) appear on the top, bottom, left and right margins usually very small. Sometimes they clump a whole bunch of small items so they look like they're part of a bigger item and can be easy to miss. Like tiny raindrops inside a huge graphic.

I bought this only for $6.99, I think it's only worth $4.99 to $5.99 for the sameness over and over again. I'm glad I bought this 2 years after the release date. If it was in a store, it should already be in the 'discount bin' on sale.

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