Stuck on the boat scene! Help!

[Post New]by Gavzmom on Mar 2, 11 8:16 AM
I picked up all the boat pieces and they won't do ANYTHING. I have been trying for 3 or more days to get them to come together or put them somewhere and NOTHING works. I have all of the pieces. But there is a boat tab and an inventory tab and it won't even let me move the stuff out of the boat inventory. Any suggestions?


Re:Stuck on the boat scene! Help!

[Post New]by oldladyplaying on Sep 15, 14 1:58 PM
Don't know if you've got this solved yet, but I'll tell you what someone told me (which I did NOT want to hear): if you're really stuck & no help from anyone else there's 2 choices. One, go to the "Community" button at top of page & go to the game walkthroughs. If that doesn't get you going, yep, you might just have to uninstall & reinstall. I know, bummer. Lotsa Luck!

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