the western restaurant

[Post New]by Salina_Kyle on Mar 2, 11 8:53 AM
I'm trying to clean the sign and walls... I have the walls cleaned but I can't seem to get the sign clean enough... I can't go on till I get this done... does anyone have any ideas?


Re:the western restaurant

[Post New]by Michelles_Bells on Mar 4, 11 10:09 AM
I had the same problem- I even uninstalled the game and came back to it. I can't get the spray bottle to work most of the time, but when it does work the game won't let me click on either of the sponges- and I have more than enough money to buy them. :/

Disappointing- this seems like a pretty fun game.


Re:the western restaurant

[Post New]by delolo1 on Mar 5, 11 4:27 PM
I'm having cleaning to walls, sign too.


Re:the western restaurant

[Post New]by Silverius on Mar 18, 11 11:39 PM
Was anyone able to fix the problem? I have the same thing. I can't click on the sponges and move past cleaning the walls :-(

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