so....shuffle #5??? tips?

[Post New]by misformichelle on Mar 3, 11 6:15 PM
because i am soooo out of ideas. no matter how i manage to try it i am failing miserably. i am surei am missing something somewhere and will feel silly afterwards but if anyone has advice for that one I'd appreciate it. I did all the rest w/o issue but number 5. it is killing me. *sigh* (I love the challenge I do. don't get me wrong but i am getting annoyed with myself lol)


Re:so....shuffle #5??? tips?

[Post New]by mmeleski on Mar 3, 11 7:27 PM
You have to swap in order to make exactly the right moves.

1. Make the pie & blue ice cream with blue topping (2 moves)
2. Make next pie & ice cream with green topping (2 moves)
3. Now you have the cone, make the orange scoop and give to mummy (2 moves)

Just keep swapping. It will take you exactly the moves they say. You will be down to 6 six moves when you have 3 people as long as you did it right. Keep attention to what they are ordering the first few times, then you know what to start making at the beginning of the challenge. Took me about 10 times to figure this out. Hope this helps!!

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Re:so....shuffle #5??? tips?

[Post New]by Ppapier on Mar 4, 11 4:39 AM
It worked perfectly.Thanks so much for your help


Re:so....shuffle #5??? tips?

[Post New]by arhart79 on Mar 8, 11 5:36 AM
Wait; can you clarify step 2? Either of you? What color ice cream? I enjoy this game, even with all of the technical issues, except for trying to figure out the shuffle issues. It's got me muttering some naughty words at my computer.


Finally got it

[Post New]by treeves777 on Mar 10, 11 6:55 PM
OMG, thanks so much for the starting point. For Arhart after half the night I finally got it with the hint and here it is: p=pie, i+ice cream, b=blue, r=red, y=green and c=cone. Do not place anything on the trays for holding and go in order with pie, ice cream, topping, pie, ice cream, topping, etc. Serve the end customers first starting with the ice cream cone dude.

1. p+i+b
2. p+i+r
3. p+i+g
4. When you place 3 on green, you will pick up the cone; go back to conveyor belt and pick up the orange ice cream and give to the mummy.
4. p+i+b; swap with step 1 and take to last dude; go to conveyor belt
5. p+i+r; swap with setp 2 and give to the last dude; go to conveyor belt
Keep doing that and you'll be able to finish with first 3 customers and 6 moves remaining.

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