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Goal increases

[Post New]by mollyal on Mar 4, 11 8:42 AM
On the puzzle levels, it always takes me a bunch of replays to finally reach the goal, forget about making master! Since it keeps adding in the money I make, I keep upgrading until I get to where I can make it. But I noticed that the goal you have to make flucuates. I play it one time, and it's a certain amount. I replay it, and the goal has gone up. After replaying it a few more times, it might go back down. Has this happened to anyone else???

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Re:Goal increases

[Post New]by Dea2112 on Mar 5, 11 4:58 PM
yes. with every upgrade it gets harder and the money goal goes up. it makes it freakishly hard when you get to the elite difficulty level.

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