Level 6-5

[Post New]by cookiey on Dec 11, 08 10:24 AM
I have played this game 20+ times, i love it!, The last few times i have attempted to get all of the trophies (I have all but the 35 levels w/o help of heroes)
when I get to level 6-5 I have to use my "hero's" help. Anyone know how to complete this level without the help of the Hero?


Re:Level 6-5

[Post New]by bgAstion3 on Jul 15, 09 6:24 AM
?? is it even possible ?


Re:Level 6-5

[Post New]by BobMac7781 on Jan 30, 10 7:59 AM
bgAstion3 wrote:?? is it even possible ?

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