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[Post New]by Michael_Pukalo on Mar 5, 11 8:44 PM
Hi everyone!
I decided to create a thread where you can ask any question about this game. Also i wanna post a little F.A.Q.(Frequently Asked Questions) here.
So, if you have questions go ahead and post them in this thread.

========== F.A.Q. ===========

1. How can i buy a device?
Go to the workshop and click on the one of three tabs. Select device that you want to buy.
Check if you have enough resources and if you have required skill. If text is green then you have, if it's red then you don't have. Then click on the «Assemble» button. You bought a device.

2. I bought a hammer. How can i use it ingame?
Check if you have enough resources. Click on the "Add" button to add hammer to the cell. Now you can use it on the playing field!

3. I finished all the levels of the first map, but still don't have map pieces to continue. What i need to do?
Buy a radar. It will appears in the map menu after the buying. Click on the radar and it will find you a piece of map. In easy mode all pieces will be found automatically after you finish the last level of the map.

4. I can't buy any device. Why?
Check if you have enough resources and if you have required skill.

5. How can i get required skill?
Go to the workshop, select the skill and check the task that you need to complete to get this skill.

6. I can't get the skill because i don't have required rank. How can i get required rank?
You need to complete more levels.

7. I can't complete a level, it's too difficult for me. Can i switch to the easy mode any time?
Yes you can. Go to the "Options" and select "Easy game".

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Re:Discussion with the developer

[Post New]by bfgDonau on Mar 8, 11 12:46 PM
Thanks Michael_Pukalo for creating this thread and for including the great F.A.Q. section!

I'm going to go ahead and sticky it to make sure that it's always easy to find.

Ask away and happy gaming Fishies!


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