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Where is the walk through?

[Post New]by cnicolls on Mar 6, 11 3:25 PM
Doe BF have a walk through for this game? I saw one at another site, but it was terribly put together! I have little trouble with the mini games, which was all that the other walk through had showing. When I need a walk through, it is because I am stranded within the game an have no resources to solve a problem. I hope there is one!

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Re:Where is the walk through?

[Post New]by brassminnie on Mar 26, 11 2:35 AM
Obviously, there isn't one. I rather suspect it's a case of more games to do than people to do them, not a decision to skip one, or any. I use them to make game choices. The blurbs on the page all sound good. The walkthroughs save me a lot of download time of games that 'aren't me.' This trial came on a CD. I can't decide if I'd enjoy it, though. I haven't gotten well-started and I'm stuck, again. Fifteen minutes of play and forty-five of making little circles with the mouse, looking for a hand or a magnifying glass, does not a good trial make.

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