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I liked it!

[Post New]by nanaseaweed on Mar 7, 11 9:40 AM
I just finished the hour trial and I became intrigued with how the game worked!
The story seems lame but the different ways to play were "challenging". Just figuring it all out was an adventure.
I especially liked the beginning where I had to become sober because my character was drugged! That was different!
The puzzles were intriguing to make work!
But I figured them out. The matchbox was confusing to say the least but I got past that too.
I think the developers need to go back the drawing board on this one. I can appreciate their efforts but the hint stuff is messed up and the zoom isn't very sophisticated. The graphics are well done BUT small in a lot of places.
So why do I like it? It just intrigued me. I might buy it just to see how it ends.
Have a good day all!

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