How to get expert scores in Grand Restaurant - Brooklyn (last level)

[Post New]by quebeleza on Mar 7, 11 7:35 PM
Hi: I'm enjoying this game and haven't had any technical issues so far but the last level is driving me crazy. I cannot get an expert score in 3 of the 5 days. I had to play the other levels several times to get it but I'm going on days now for this level and it's starting not to be fun anymore! So, I've tried chaining, extra money (some levels only seem to have one dollar sign or bill?), using the gifts, magnifying glass etc, not using them... arrrgggg...

Any help is much appreciated!

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Re:How to get expert scores in Grand Restaurant - Brooklyn (last level)

[Post New]by kerri_1986 on Mar 26, 11 2:03 AM
In the Grand Restaurant Boston level it was helpful (for me anyway) to click on the menu button as soon as you click the day (monday, tuesday, etc). This will allow you to see where the dollars are. Here is the list of locations, and extra advice.

Spoiler alert..

Monday- there is a dollar note in the bottom left, a bronze dollar sign $ in the top right corner and a coin in the left middle section. I didn't see any pre-made meals then.

Tuesday- there is a large sized coin in the far left middle section. A note in the middle-ish/left-ish (on the counter near the pink flowers). In the middle of the screen is a small coin (white cabinet). A gold dollar sign is to the right of this, and above the gold $ there is (hidden in the metalwork) is a bronze $. There are 3 meals premade, beware that they will automatically start to disappear once a customer orders that meal. The purple concoction in the bottom middle of the screen was all that was ordered from me.

Wednesday- same screen shot as monday, however in this level the gold coin and bronze dollar will instantly start to fade.

Thursday- same screen as tuesday, in this level all but the coins will fade. That is, the dollar , and both dollar signs will go pretty quick. you need to act fast. Maybe have the cursor in th area of the dollar signs before the level starts.

Friday- same screen as monday and wednesday. the note will stay, dollar and coin go quickly. In this level it is important to click on the angry customer then the menu button once the item list has appeared. Look around the menu on screen. For instance if if says tomato onion ham and mushrooms, find those items (preferablly the ones closest to one another for quick clicking). The three that appear- get all their ingredients quickly, then (to get extra money) use combos, start the cooking together, get the money together etc.

Oh an make use of the gift and glasses, the rest are useless... if really need to you can start the level click on compus or magnifying glass then click menu and restart just to come up with gift or glasses.

Good luck!

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Re:How to get expert scores in Grand Restaurant - Brooklyn (last level)

[Post New]by quebeleza on Apr 15, 11 9:23 AM
THANK YOU! Your suggestions were brillliant and I finally got expert, yay!

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