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Level 13

[Post New]by bruner01 on Mar 8, 11 7:08 PM
Any tips for getting gold on this level? I have tried it every which way I can think of and can't get it. All pointers would be appreciated.

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Re:Level 13

[Post New]by JVC0119 on Jun 18, 11 6:45 PM
Food places bring in more $$ than housing or leisure, give priority to bistros. You'll have to upgrade the houses to get enough luxury to upgrade the bistros, but once you've got the luxury - focus on the bistros.

Renovate House, Build bistro between house & bungelow, Renovate left bungelow, Build billboard, Destroy right bungelow and replace with house.

Upgrade both bistros +1, upgrade both houses +1 & bungelow +1

Intruder gives you 500 material

Upgrade bistro between houses +2, Upgrade both houses +2

Upgrade other bistro +2, Upgrade bungelow +2

Upgrade bistro between houses +3

Destroy lower bistro and replace with pool

Buy & repair other pool when available, upgrade everything to +3

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