help in the last one level 5

[Post New]by adrianachar on Mar 9, 11 11:54 AM
it saids built 5 houses and aplly 4 upgrade +2 parks+water treatment and 80% of health ok what kind of houses is the ones tha i have to build o r what is wrongin my game im sure y try all the houses and how i get more money

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Re:help in the last one level 5

[Post New]by Leemo on Apr 6, 11 5:26 PM
Build 5 eco-houses (first small ones in the list). Eco farms earn a lot of money as do resort hotels.


Re:help in the last one level 5

[Post New]by Catie97 on Jun 19, 11 12:22 PM
The upgrades only count if you build them on actual houses - i.e. not hotels, condos, apartments etc. That means: zero energy, recycled steel, or eco houses. This got me the first time I played, but luckily I had enough time and money to demolish my villas and build the right houses instead!

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