The chef of Rome

[Post New]by spaceygirl77 on Mar 9, 11 12:56 PM
Does anyone know how to spread the sauce on the pizza? Been trying and cant figure it out. PLEASE HELP SOMEONE!!!

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Re:The chef of Rome

[Post New]by sandebeach on Mar 20, 11 12:58 PM
I think you are in the wrong forum, are you talking about making the sauce for the pizza in today's game? That forum is Inside Trader: The Stolen Venus 2.

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Re:The chef of Rome

[Post New]by SeaBamboo on Mar 20, 11 1:06 PM
hi spaceygirl
you need to be patient. pick up the spoon and dip it in the sauce , touch the spoon to the pizza & then follow the yellow spiral line. I found following just behind the front bit of the line was easiest & then go past it a little when it stops.

Once the first sauce is spread go back to the jar & get some more sauce & do the the same until the game says that is its complete (yoiu have to do it 3 times I think)

It is pretty fiddly; good luck

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Re:The chef of Rome

[Post New]by bfgArnoStyx on Mar 23, 11 9:49 AM
Hey spaceygirl77!

Just going to move this thread into the correct Game Forum, which you can get to by clicking the link below:

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