csi newyork episode 2

[Post New]by kingkickers on Mar 13, 11 2:00 PM
There doesn't appear to be any paper in tutto di amici office for the printer. I have checked the screen dumps and posts by other players and still cant find the paper in the room.

Please help

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Re:csi newyork episode 2

[Post New]by bfgImbrium on Mar 14, 11 5:36 AM
Hi kingkickers,

Welcome to the pond!

You can find the printer paper on the left hand side of the screen; on the circular part of the desk table it will be on the edge closest to the chair.

The best place to discuss games and get hints and tips is in the Game Forums. These are easy to get to, just click the Forums tab on the home page. Then you can search your game under ‘All Game Forums’ .

Also, if you have a specific question, you can click the Advanced Forum Search under the Search All Forums. Here you can choose a specific game and type a keyword like “printer” and all of the posts about “printer” will come up!

Another good thing to know is that if there is a walkthrough for the game it will be located at the top if the forum.

I'm going to go ahead and pop this thread over into the CSI: NY - The Game ® forum and this discussion can be continued here.

Happy gaming!



Re:csi newyork episode 2

[Post New]by jeannine0323 on Aug 17, 11 6:38 PM
this game gets stuck when you are in the kitchen and you have the apron, gas can,and fire extinguisher left. how do i get the gas can from behind the box and how do i open the safe . i brought this game for fun not hard work.


Re:csi newyork episode 2

[Post New]by Kari_Jane on Aug 29, 11 4:20 AM
How do you get the apron, fire extinguisher and gas can from the kitchen in game two. The game always gets stuck on that part.

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Re:csi newyork episode 2

[Post New]by SeaBamboo on Aug 29, 11 4:39 AM
hi kari_jane , jeannine

I don't know the answer but if you copy and paste this link into your browser it takes you to a thread with a link to the walkthrough. Hope it helps


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