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But where can I buy the furry boots??

[Post New]by Boomer47 on Mar 13, 11 5:55 PM

WOW! What a hoot of a game. I had a rolicking good time playing the hour trial. I am not sure what I liked more the glove of power or the transformer vehicles.

Plan crashed? No problem it turns into a speedboat. Glider crashed? No problem it turns into a sled.

Starting with the "hummer" the clues were priceless. A "divider"? In my country we call it a compass. A watch? No really more like an hourglass.

The bad guys looked like a low rent Boris and Natasha with their evil grins, all they lacked were the accents and diabolical laughter.

But best of all are the fashions statements. The female "evil one" goes treking through the snow and caves in a dress. She is never without her fashion accessories even when swimming for shore. And where, oh where, can i buy those furry boots. So perfect for adventuring and especially fit for jumping out of planes or swimming in the ocean.

Overall a silly hour spent with this game. Gotta love it!!

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Re:But where can I buy the furry boots??

[Post New]by sinshack on Mar 14, 11 12:07 AM
Actally, look up the definition of a divider. It is a tool very similar to a drafting compass, so this one they actually got right.

I still want my Hummer, though.

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