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Another Game that I Can't Use My Mouse!!!

[Post New]by GrammaKj on Mar 13, 11 11:09 PM
I have emailed customer service requesting an extension on the expiration date of punch card credits. This is getting ridiculous that so many games of late won't let me play with my primary buttons switched. Hopefully this will be the last time I complain about the credits expiring, but not the last time to complain about getting to use my current mouse. I considered getting a track ball, but I shouldn't have to get a new mouse because of this IMO. I use a laptop on a hospital rolling tray and I have limited space for my mouse.

I would love to use a mouse the normal way but I have arthritis that prohibits this.

I also want to thank my friends that have been PM-ing me offering assistance.


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Re:Another Game that I Can't Use My Mouse!!!

[Post New]by Kelvarda on Mar 14, 11 4:10 AM

So sorry to hear your still having this problem with your mouse. This must be extremely frustrating for you. And I'm sorry we haven't been able to help you get this sorted.


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