Campsite puzzle

[Post New]by mommateddybear on Mar 14, 11 5:29 AM
I've been working on the puzzle in the hole at the campsite for what seems to be forever. I can't get the gold and silver pieces together with the empty slots all together. Can you give me any ideas on what I need to do? I really don't want to have to skip this one, I've gotten all the puzzles so far.

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Re:Campsite puzzle

[Post New]by silvr5 on Mar 15, 11 4:05 PM
I'm stuck on it too. My son finally explained to me that it's like a Rubic's Cube. You just have to keep twisting and turning each side. I'm afraid this will be the one I have to skip since I couldn't never quite get a cube *L*. Hang in there.

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