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A matter of taste...

[Post New]by laraly on Mar 15, 11 10:09 AM
Dreadful game but good, I demo the collector's edition and I was not sure to get it, manly because it was all a wreckage, creepy! At times the music turns in a mix of Chucky and psyco, put together, with this old kind of sounds, depressing!
And please, like some other fishes pointed out, be more specific in the Hidden objects' scene, a blade, what kind of blade? A pin, what kind of pin, and so on..., ok in this game some of the objects were cumulative, like 3 flowers , 4 glasses, so I clicked all It could resemble those, otherwise it would have been really vague! In conclusion I am glad I waited for the S E edition, 4 out of 6!!

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Re:A matter of taste...

[Post New]by bfgArnoStyx on Mar 15, 11 10:13 AM
Hey laraly,

Just wanted to pop in to let you know that we really appreciate all reviews of our games and if you'd like, you could always add your post in the Comments and Reviews thread (usually located at the top of the Game Forum).

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