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Level 16 - Theatre

[Post New]by nanabare7 on Mar 15, 11 7:43 PM
I get everything done and get the theatre, but I can not get enough workers to the theatre to get the amount of gold I need to get into the house. I know I did this once before, but now I am stumped.

Never mind, I finally got it

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Re:Level 16 - Theatre

[Post New]by Cultistmum on Jan 2, 12 1:03 PM
I have a problem - I had enough gold but it flat refused to let me into the house till the time had expired to get the expert rating.

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Re: Level 16 - Theatre

[Post New]by GeorgeTSLC on Jan 18, 13 7:57 PM
You know, the most annoying possible post is "never mind" without stating the answer. This is because others w/ the same problem who have NOT solved it may read it, and be frustrated.

If you absolutely can't be bothered to post an answer, it's much more courteous to delete your post! That's what the red disk w/ the white X is for.

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