Hallowed Legends: Samhain

[Post New]by Seniorfox on Mar 16, 11 8:53 AM
Never done this before so bear with me if I did it wrong. But could someone please tell me how to "take" the 'cypher key' from the Bas Relief in the cave? I placed the Solstice in his forehead as instructed, it opened up but when I tried to take the cyper key, it won';t let me have it! And you can't do the safe puzzle later without it. So if someone can tell me how to get it I will be much appreciative!

Thaks! Seniorfox

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Re:Hallowed Legends: Samhain

[Post New]by pecabo1338 on Mar 16, 11 1:58 PM
Others are having problems picking things up also. Many have corrected it by changing the game cursor to a regular one. It's in the options with volume etc.

Won't hurt to give it a try. If you read some posts on the forum, you'll see.

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Re:Hallowed Legends: Samhain

[Post New]by alowan on Mar 17, 11 2:06 PM
I was having cursor problems in a couple of games. It turned out that it was caused by the settings I used in Windows, especially the one that made trailers follow it. Once I returned it to normal size with no trailers, the problem was gone.

And I was using the games' custom cursors, too.

I had no problem picking up the key.

It might be *where* you click, too. I can't remember if it was Samhain or not, but some game I was playing lately had some really bad "clickability," like a long object that can only be clicked at a spot on one end.

Good luck! and Slainte!

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