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WHAT A ....

[Post New]by stevieferr on Mar 16, 11 5:01 PM
what a terrible end,the rest of the game wasnt bad although some things you had to do didnt make sense and in fact had to look at the stratedgy guide to find out what to do...................oh and maybe the game developers are in the wrong job,after all they have invented a bucket of sand that can put out a raging inferno in the warehouse.
All in all not a bad game ,just hoping for SE version of Maestro to come out[reckon should be end of this week],and still got bonus level of this game to go but they are never much cop......................right off to watch The Sopranos nite all lol

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Re:WHAT A ....

[Post New]by rlk0045 on Mar 16, 11 8:01 PM
Yes it sure was a terrible end! Up to the ending; it was a super great game to play.

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