Level 28

[Post New]by aelissa2 on Mar 17, 11 10:23 PM
Does anyone have anything.....anything at all that will help me get gold on level 28? I have played the level over and over, every which way possible and STILL miss gold by just seconds! I'm going crazy!!!
Thanks in advance!

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Re:Level 28

[Post New]by cstdenis on Mar 18, 11 6:53 AM
Here's how I did it. The key here is to go ahead and build the joy items early, so rent comes in very fast. It is hard to keep up with it and thieves, but you can finish with plenty of time. Also, don't be tempted to pay the nomad right away.

4 villas ☥ ☥ ☥
135 Joy

1) Break rocks and open the chest (1000 stone); catch thief

2) Build villa on empty spot and upgrade right away; upgrade other villa (already built); and build 1 "eye of Ra" joy in any empty joy spot. Continue to upgrade the villas as much as you can.

3) When you get 2,000 gold buy camels; Scare the alligator in front of chest and open (1000 gold)

4) Keep collecting money (DON'T make any stone). When you get 2500, pay nomad; scare the alligator; break rocks in front of chest and open (500 stone). Use the 500 stone to build another "eye of Ra"; ALL this time, you should be making stone with whatever money you get and build the last villa.

5) While making stone, upgrade the 3rd and 4th villas completely and add "Eyes of Ra" as soon as you get enough stone (500) to put one in. The more joy you have the faster the rent comes, so keep up with it.

6) Finally on the last joy spot (across river), just build a tree or something. You will only need 10 more joy at this point and whatever you have enough stone to build that is at least 10 points you should build.

I finished in 3:58

Good Luck!

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