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stuck in school

[Post New]by mystine on Mar 18, 11 1:43 AM
Ive been all over the school and have found all but one guitar string, and I cant figure out what to do with the blackboard. I carved the tree, but as far I can tell nothing happened from that. Any sage advice greatly appreciated

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Re:stuck in school

[Post New]by prpldva on Mar 18, 11 1:53 AM
The guitar strings are found:

under the car
on the pedestal to the left of the car
in the air duct in the hall - the chalk for the blackboard is also here
in the pillow in the dorm room

I hope this helps.

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Re:stuck in school

[Post New]by melmal on Mar 18, 11 1:54 AM
one guitar string is under the loose floor tile by the lockers and one is behind the air vent in the corridor. you need a screwdriver which is in the toolbox in the corridor to open the vent. one is in the car boot for which you have a key, and then retrieve the car jack from the boot, lift up the car and get the other string.
somewhere (i cant remember where, may be in the locker or in the toolbox?) you will find a piece of chalk to use on the blackboard. when you carve the tree another ghost appears with a slide to use on the projector. you need a knife to carve the tree which you'll find in a hidden object scene.

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