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[Post New]by craskehouse on Mar 18, 11 8:37 AM
That is one game i will never want to play again! I was enjoying it untill i had all the problems with the parcel and had to redo a load.Theres to much talking,and after the problems i I had I didnt dare skip any!



[Post New]by murphy_zoo15 on Mar 18, 11 2:43 PM
I too am glad that I finally finished it. It was way too painful! Loved the puzzles, but I agree there was excessive dialog. I also felt that there was no logic behind some of the actions you had to take and no way to figure some things out without guidance.



[Post New]by irishman2010 on Jun 29, 11 12:14 PM
Hy there craskehouse im having trouble finding the putty knife in Venice at the Saint Germain location. can you help me ?it says that i have to use a putty knife to scrape the board that is on the there a putty knife there because i cannot find one there.

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[Post New]by bfgHondo on Jun 29, 11 2:40 PM
Hi irishman2010!

I found some tips in this thread that you might find helpful:

putty knife

Happy gaming!


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