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[Post New]by Jillizabeth on Mar 18, 11 2:33 PM
I love TM games, and generally can get Expert on most levels of the Dash games the first time.

This game, however, I barely pass most of the time, and sometimes have to replay repeatedly just to pass!

I am wondering if I'm missing something....

Here's what I have been doing that seems to work -

- I bought the harvesting mechanism for every pot ASAP
- I chain religiously. I think about how the grapes get watered twice and wait for that before moving on
- I arranged my pots from big to small in a line, so I give the soil to the big pots first to give it more time to aerate
- I color match whenever possible
- I click on the serenity leaves and the full meter for more time

Frustrating things for me about this game -
- It seems like if you have an extra cucumber or something and the person asking for it isn't up yet, they won't get the extra one out of the basket when they get up
- I haven't noticed an obvious bump in time from all the chaining
- Sometimes there are leftover people at the very end - no matter how I plan what to plant, you will have a partial harvest at the end because there isn't physical space for all the plants you need.

I am wondering-
- Would it be a better idea to always buy the 1 plant pots so I can collect more serenity leaves and put more time on the clock? It's harder in that case to upgrade them all to the auto-harvester function.

Would LOVE to hear others' observations and hints about this game!!!


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Re:General Tips and Hints

[Post New]by jenbrink on Mar 20, 11 7:47 PM
Are you speaking of the "Green Gardener" Mode or the "Handy Harvester" Mode?

Green Gardener (being the normal mode game). Once you unlock the Handy Harvester mode, and try that speed, you should be able to go back to the Green Gardener's mode and wizzzz through it!

I'm used to diner dash customer's having patience and tending to that. In this game, the customer's dont have patience but the plants do (hearts). So you can kinda plan around that.

And, yeah extra harvest I think get's throw away in the basket (compost!).
Some levels need thought out more than others.

If you see like a "Green Customer" coming up and "think" it is a cucumber, plant it and tend to it, but dont harvest it, it may end up being the green flower plant, leave the final "cucumber" plant sitting on the pot until a "cucumber customer" comes up. Then you have no waste.

I'm still working on all levels for expert on both Green and Expert Mode. So if you find anything out... let us know, and I'll do the same!

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Re:General Tips and Hints

[Post New]by jenbrink on Mar 20, 11 7:50 PM
Oh..Jill... I buy this way:

1st; Fast shoes first
2ND: Then Fertilizer (takes less time for the soil to areate)

Then whatever else is available, bug sprays... then go to automatic pot.


Re:General Tips and Hints

[Post New]by mamagage on Mar 21, 11 6:30 AM

I generally agree with your observations except i get the automatic watering rather than harvesting as it is easy to miss the leaves. I think it is better to get small pots and not to bother with fertiliser as by the time you have finished putting soil the first one is ready to plant

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Re:General Tips and Hints

[Post New]by heidid on Mar 24, 11 6:06 PM
Like mamagage, I always get the automatic watering before anything else, with the exception of the fast shoes. Sometimes I will get the fertilizer if I have enough money, with no pots to upgrade at the time.

If you grab both the soil and the fertilizer at the same time, you can run through and hit each pot only once, and they aerate very fast. This is a big help when you have larger pots, and having the larger pots saves you lots of steps (especially the more time-consuming ones, like conversation or music headphones).

The key to the higher levels is the chaining...I finished some of the hardest levels with tons of time left, because everything was one long chain.


Re:General Tips and Hints

[Post New]by aindiacw on Apr 2, 11 9:13 AM
I so far, am having no problems with the game. I'm admittedly only on the junkyard at the moment but time is rarely an issue. I've only had to replay one level so far because I messed it up and went over time (for expert). I'm an expert junkie, I will keep playing a level over and over until I get expert, I have yet to do that but the one time so far.

CHAIN CHAIN CHAIN! That is the key... also make sure to click your relax timer when it's full.. it stops time for a bit. But when you chain you get more time (your clock moves backwards). Also it can seriously help to re-arrange your pots into a way that makes them easier to click. I put them in a row straight across. Also the bigger pots may take longer to aerate, but they definitely save in the long run by giving you more plants with less clicks - admittedly I've not tried a 3 plant pot yet, but the 2's are very handy so far.

I also have discovered the automatic waterer's are the best investment, along with the fast shoes. With the harvesters, I sometimes missed the relax tokens. And some plants take 2 waters, so watering so far has been a good one for me, instead of watering I can pick up spray/scarf/headphones to prepare for that phase if needed.

I bought this game because I am a Dash Junkie..I have all of them that I am aware of, it's not my favorite, but it is a nice change of pace.

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