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Level 9

[Post New]by wxman77477 on Mar 19, 11 11:41 AM
Can anyone help me here?

I figured it out. In order build, chief house with chief, sawmill, 3 wood huts. One worker at fishing, one at sawmill, 2 each at mines. Trade for stone. With this I reached Gold Star.

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Re:Level 9

[Post New]by Catzen on Mar 19, 11 2:06 PM
I can't get past it either. I have to spend all my gold on repairing the mines and fishery. Any suggestions on how to not spend so much with the trader?

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Re:Level 9

[Post New]by Cjb58 on Mar 27, 11 7:18 AM
Even doing everything the same and getting 100 stone, the buildings all need to be repaired. I've played this level over 10 times and just gave up. Any other ideas?


Re:Level 9

[Post New]by caj_gamer on Apr 4, 11 7:51 PM
Level 9

To get , here’s what I did:

You start the level with 3 huts and 3 gold mines and 1 fishery. Assign 1 person to the fishery and 2 people to the gold mines. As soon as you get 10 Food, take one person off from the gold mine and build a sawmill. Then keep collecting food, gold, and wood till you get 20 Food and then destroy one hut (preferably the one that belongs to the person you assigned to the gold mine) then build one wood house.
Then assign the 3 people back to the 3 gold mines. (There should be 1 person at the fishery and 1 person at the sawmill already). Keep collecting food till you have 45 Food and Wood and let 1 person go from the gold mine and build a Chief’s House and assign as a Chief.
Keep collecting food until you replace the 2 remaining huts with wood houses and repairing buildings. In repairing buildings, always repair the sawmill and the fishery first. The gold mines are already at 2 stars, so assign 2 people per mine.

After collecting 100 gold you get the bronze star, and to get the silver you will have to collect 300. To get the gold star, you must have 100 stone, 100 wood, 100 gold, and 100 food. To do this you will have to call for the Market trader as you cannot build a quarry on this level. It’s helpful if you have at least 600+ gold to trade for 100+ stone and keep 100 gold for the goal. You may sometimes have to leave your gold mine unrepaired for a bit. I had some surplus in Food that I traded for stone too. The gold mines take 9 stone when they need to be repaired so plan accordingly. Keep collecting all and you should reach your goals. My best time was 8.15.

At the end, I had the following buildings:
1 Chief’s House
3 (1 ) Wood Houses
1 (1 ) sawmill
3 (2 ) goldmines
1 (1 ) fishery
1 resource empty slot for the Marketer

Hope this helps! Good Luck!

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