"Herky Jerky" solved?

[Post New]by Lordshandmaiden on Mar 19, 11 12:58 PM
So did anyone ever come up for a solution for the "herky jerky" motion of the mouse in this game? I can't stand it that my mouse seems to be on a slow motion sleep-induced vacation.
I also haven't seen where you can change the cursor as someone else suggested. I have never had a problem with my mouse on any BF games except this one.
I tried the window full screen (or whatever it was under options) but made no difference. It is very difficult to play this game this way, and I don't want to have wasted a credit on this!


Re:"Herky Jerky" solved?

[Post New]by Lordshandmaiden on Mar 22, 11 8:08 AM
I guess I am stuck playing this one with all the slow and jerky moves of the mouse. It is very frustrating. *sigh*

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