Cant grab the insects!

[Post New]by dechnikr on Dec 14, 08 9:02 AM
Every time I find a critter, nothing happens. I can move the magnifying glass and back out of the screen but I can't "grab" the bug. Has any one else encountered this problem? I've gone to her interactive but the patches don't seem relevant and I haven't figured out how to install anyway (patch says "unkown version" when I type in file location of my game: this is a problem with Last Train as well- I'm frozen at Taffy game) I've just used my game credit to purchase GDML and I'm so frustrated to be stalled like this. Help!

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Re:Cant grab the insects!

[Post New]by Mrs_Kim on Aug 29, 10 1:48 AM
If the patches from HER won;t work, then I suggest you to contact them back. There might be a bug/ glitches on your game that needs more fixing..

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