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comparing hair samples

[Post New]by peggy110 on Dec 14, 08 9:15 AM
Help! I have the burnt hair sample and the hair sample from the brush found in Arlena's bathroom. I double clicked on each one from the inventory, but how do you compare them. This seems to be the only task I have left before I can go to Act 6 and I am stumped. Now when I double click on either one, the microscope doesn't come up, or it is there but is shaded and can't be used. I don't know what else to do. Can anyone offer any suggestions?

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Re:comparing hair samples

[Post New]by Katydidit1 on Dec 14, 08 9:27 AM
We must have posted at the same time. I'm having problems with the hair comparison and the hairbrush isn't cooperating at all. I have checked the burnt hair under the scope and now I need to check the hairbrush to compare and I can't. I am stuck here too and cannot move on to the next Act.
Good Luck, maybe someone will come along soon and help us with this.



Re:comparing hair samples

[Post New]by Undertaker86 on Dec 14, 08 10:04 AM
You have to go to Leatherecombe Bay. Then go to Adelaide's Store. There is a Chemist's Counter. Use the microscope to compare the hair.

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