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[Post New]by JEPR on Mar 21, 11 4:08 PM
Help! I put the stamps on the postcards which disppeared as stamps were placed.
Now I am trying to use mailbox key to no avail. I still have 2 stamps on the mailbox but do not see postcards any where. I need to open the mailbox but the puzzle will not allow. All the hint states is that I have to put stamps in right order. I do not know if I did this correctly because I can not see postcards. I thought that when they disappeared that meant it was correct. HELP, please



[Post New]by KERRYA5 on May 14, 11 11:14 AM
If I remember, to the right of the mailbox is an area you can click on to find more postcards. ??? Once you get all the stamps and postcards put together, the keyhole is exposed.

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