game froze

[Post New]by Nascarfango88 on Mar 21, 11 9:02 PM
I have the blog for this game and I am almost done. I states to go to cemetery , zoom in on tree (b) in the back right. I arrow to that tree but it won't zoom in for me. Therefore, I can't use the shovel to dig up the wooden block for the mini game in the sawmill. Anybody else have this problem???????


Re:game froze

[Post New]by nadeau9r on Jan 24, 12 6:28 PM
Try playing the game in window mode. Out of all the games I have, this one seems to work only in window mode. Otherwise it will begin to flicker badly and or lock up. Window mode solved the problem. Must be something with the game.

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Re:game froze

[Post New]by Libtard55 on Feb 1, 12 8:17 PM
Ever think your video card is at fault? I got 2 vid cards. And this game plays at 1024 x 768 for me. I'm not in window mode.

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