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Access Violations

[Post New]by SMQMC on Mar 22, 11 12:23 PM
For those of you having "Access Violation" errors, I just wanted to let you know that my "Access Violation" problem has finally been solved. It's not BF, it's not my computer, it's not the Internet, it's how my computer reads instructions under my user name to play a downloaded game.
I tried/trashed/reloaded/changed/altered/updated/researched everything and nothing seemed to help. I finally resorted to calling Microsoft directly and speaking to a real live person (John). This was not an easy solution, so be forewarned if you want to follow what I did. It took three hours!!!! on the phone to figure out the problem, but with great patience on both our parts it finally came together. I had to give full control of my mouse to the service rep, (he did not have access to any private files or passwords) so he could see how my computer was accepting or rejecting instruction. When he finished, all control was given back to me.
The final "fix" for this was to give me a new computer "manager" name. Not a new e-mail, but a new "sign-on" or "user" name. I kept the old one too in case I need it for any reason later, but only log on using the new user name. The service rep transferred everything on my computer over to the new "sign-on" name files and I'm all set to go. Every game I've downloaded since then, I've been able to open and more "access violation" errors. I've also been able to open and play seven other prior games that I couldn't before and hadn't realized because I hadn't tried them yet.
Believe me, this has been a total relief to me since I play these games all the time, being retired and the weather being nasty during the winter.
Hope this helps. If you want to contact Microsoft Customer Service, call this number: 1-800-936-5700. This is the Microsoft Security Essentials Support Dept. but ask for General Assistance Dept. You'll have to explain your situation to several people, but in the long run it's worth it.
Good luck!

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