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Here's a list of prices for the various shops - purchase, sale, & combos. I noticed certain stands seemed to follow the same pricing patterns. Feel free to correct if I'm wrong or supplement as needed. I didn't notice the prices just through regular game play b/c the game is pretty fast, but having these prices helped me strategize. I know the upgrade screen tells you that you double or triple profits, but I preferred having actual numbers. I hope this list helps someone else!

Entrance Fee:
First person (10).
Combo: x2 (+5), x3 (+6), x4 (+7)

First person (17)
Umbrella (+5)
Combo: x2 (+5), x3 (+6)

Banana, Disco, Rocket:
To purchase stand (400) - tickets are 25/person. Combo: x2 (+25), x3 (+50)
To upgrade once (150) - tickets are 35/person. Combo: x2 (+30), x3 (+70)
To upgrade twice (300) - tickets are 50/person. Combo: x2 (+50), x3 (+75)

Souvenir, Toy, Clothing:
To purchase stand (200) - items cost 75/ea. Combo: x2 (+5), x3 (+10)
To upgrade once (250) - items cost 100/ea. Combo: x2 (+5), x3 (+10)
To upgrade twice (350) - items cost 150/ea. Combo: x2 (+5), x3 (+10)
Refills cost 100/order

Sandwich, Bar, Grill:
To purchase stand (500) - items cost 100/ea. Combo: x2 (+10), x3 (+15). Umbrella (+5)
To upgrade once (300) - items cost 150/ea. Combo: x2 (+10), x3 (+15). Umbrella (+15).
To upgrade twice (500) - items cost 225/ea. Combo: x2 (+10), x3 (+15). Umbrella (+25).
Refills cost 75/order

Swimming Gear, Diving Gear, Boat Rental:
To purchase stand - one rental item included (400).
Add Lifesaver / Surfboard (100 ea).
Add Diving Equipment / Boat (150 ea)

Lifesaver / Scuba / Surfboard - rental costs 50/ea.
Float / Diving Equipment / Boat - rental costs 75/ea.
Combo: x2 (+5), x3 (+10), x4 (+15), x5 (+20).
Renting out and checking equipment in count separately!


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Also, some general guidelines that help me:

*If the level does not require a specific population and your population level causes you to get really busy, prioritize high-priced or goal-oriented requests.
Seems obvious right? Well, I used to try to keep everyone happy. Now I deliberately ignore water requests on purpose - to focus on the level requirements (i.e. selling hamburgers), to bring the population down (don't need 10 on the beach!), or to get rid of clients who aren't interested in what I need to sell (i.e. kids and bar drinks).

*Discriminate - re: entry and service requests.
This is relevant when you have a high population / beach population and have people waiting to get in. If you need to sell bar drinks, choose the adult over the kid. If you need to sell toys, choose the kid over the adult. They don't seem to get mad waiting. Its obvious when you think about it, but I didn't think about it previously - was busy playing and clicking madly.

Visitors: There are 2 young men, 2 young women, 1 older man, 1 older woman, 1 boy, and 1 girl.

Purchase Trends:
For whatever reason, I've noticed women don't seem to rent the yellow scuba gear - just the young men (2 types).
Kids love the lifesavers and toy store. Women love the clothing store.
Older visitors love the boat rentals. Younger visitors love the disco, banana, and bar. I think I've seen the older woman (but not the man) order bar drinks.
The young men don't seem to be interested in the rocket.

Everyone orders food. I once had a young woman order steak 3 times in a row (!!!)

Do share if you have other general (non-walkthrough) tips (only b/c walkthrough tips should go in the other thread started by MLibby - thank you MLibby!)


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Great help, thank you!

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good help thanks


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Thank you, this is so much help!

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