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To JOAT developers

[Post New]by ZuluDawn13 on Mar 23, 11 5:50 AM
I love your little game and its cute characters, its challenging and addictive.

One request I have would be that you do not have Rainbow and her mate interupting gameplay when i am trying to work out what i am going to do on that level. It is VERY annoying and the only thing which is a big turn off.

Apart from that you have an excellent game and i would buy a follow up series hopefully without characters who stop you in your tracks during actual gameplay.

Similar games like Roads to Rome and such like just give us the levels to play without interuption and that is what i enjoy most.

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Re:To JOAT developers

[Post New]by vezzettj on Apr 2, 11 1:42 PM
I so agree that the dialog pop ups become really annoying! I generally like to follow / read the story but the "extra" dialog didn't pause the timer and were "auto cleared" when you clicked so if you were in the middle of queing some tasks you could miss the dialog entirely... There needed to be an option to turn off the mid level dialog and / or a "click here to dismiss" box...

One other (minor) complaint: I loved the HOG scenes early in the game and appreciated the upgrades you would find there... this was a feature that sold me on this game. However, they didn't show up in the later part of the game at all. I'd recommend adding some extra HOG scenes and spreading out the upgrades so that you didn't get so many at a time.

I really liked everything that was going on here: building / upgrading, resource gathering (although if you send someone to chop a tree, they should be able to bring the wood back...), HOGs, mid level goal progression,fullfilling worker wishes, etc but the annoyance factor was overpowering all the good stuff... and having less of the good stuff at the end of the game (HOGs) didn't help.

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