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Why is there no help?

[Post New]by minerva84 on Mar 24, 11 8:48 AM
SO many people have posted about technical issues in the game, but every other post that asks for help with game goals and questions doesn't get answered. I realize this game has been out for a few years, so people are less likely to answer them, but is there anyone who has advice at all about how to play this game better, or how to meet goals, figure out what you're doing wrong, make a profit, or design rooms that meet qualifications of different types of guests?

The tutorial isn't very helpful, and the game doesn't show you why people don't want the rooms. There is nothing that tells you whether rooms you design fit the different classifications the guests say they want. Nothing tells you about reasonable price ranges for each type of room. Early games don't let you adjust salaries, which is eating up most of the profit. The "tips" section gives a few suggestions, but doesn't tell you how to do them. For instance, it says "guests appreciate being upgraded to a nicer room." Yet nowhere do you learn how to do this.

Is there anyone out there who still plays this game, who has some general tips they could share for all of us? Or a link to a site that gives gameplay advice?


Re:Why is there no help?

[Post New]by impulsive1 on Jul 23, 11 9:56 AM
I am with you in the same boat. I don't even understand how to design a room much less complete goals. The tutorial is total crap. I was looking for a fun design game but this is more frustrating than anything.

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