Finished the game with NO technical issue's of any kind :-)

[Post New]by quarlesqueen on Mar 24, 11 11:46 AM
Well I just LOVED playing this game, and for those of you who are wanting to know if it is fixed, I played the entire game without any issue's of any kind.
I have Windows XP and it ran fine, such a great game, I thought it had an interesting, compelling story, very imaginative and creative, I was impressed anyway.
It has a whimsical atmosphere, with a dark twist, the game play is a FROG HOG, which, I thought was done well, and you quickly pick up on what needs to be done, to make the game just flow, always a plus.
The locket memory's, after completing each stage, tell the story, with a twist, that will keep you thinking..Hmmm.
I for one, can't wait for the next game, and will be the first in line to purchase it, so job well done, developers.
I had a blast playing this, it was FUN, creative and engaging...more please

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Re:Finished the game with NO technical issue's of any kind :-)

[Post New]by petlovr on Jun 26, 11 10:53 PM
Nice to know it worked for SOMEone. The "corrected" version locks up several levels earlier than the original version did for me (that one threw me out to the main menu all the time). Very disappointed; an update is supposed to correct problems; not create new ones.

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